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Celebrate New Year's Eve in Yorkton with Trooper!
Photo by 
israel palacio on Unsplash
What’s the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a small Canadian town? Singing along with a great Canadian band, of course!
On December 31st, our cozy town of Yorkton will be welcoming in the new decade with a big band playing New Year’s Eve at Painted Sky Casino! That’s right, the legendary Trooper will be hitting the stage for an unforgettable evening that will have you signing 2019 off with a bang.
You may be familiar with Trooper, but if you're not, they've racked up record sales in the millions, produced several dozen hit songs, played sold-out shows across the country, and have a little thing called a Juno Award for Band of the Year under their belts. Some of their greatest hits include “We’re Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)”, “Raise a Little Hell”, “The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar”, “Two For the Show”, “Pretty Lady” “Good Ol’ General Hand Grenade”, “Round, Round We Go”, “Santa Maria”, and “Janine”. Even if you don’t recognize the songs by name, you’re sure to have heard them once, twice, or a hundred times on the radio. Their music is said to have “woven [its] way into the fabric of this country like no other songs have been able to do." Tune into any radio station from Vancouver to St John’s and you’re bound to encounter one of a dozen of their hit radio anthems that are still featured in heavy rotation to this day.
You can watch Trooper live in action this New Year’s Eve right here in Yorkton for just $55, putting on a show that will have you dancing right into 2020. Doors open at 9 pm and the show kicks off at 11 pm. The party will be going until 1 am, so you can count down to the new year surrounded by new friends and great music. Please note that the event is restricted to those 19 years old and over!
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