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Lego City
Image By:
Sonny Abesamis


More than your ordinary classical art exhibit, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery includes displays of modern and classical art along with a fun re-creation of Yorkton City made out of Lego!


Experience Art The Proper Way

Godfrey Dean Art Gallery showcases art the way it was intended. This year, the gallery hosted a number of exhibitions including Landscape & Memory, Dimensions, Phyllis Herman: Sketches, Joe Fafard: In Print/Imprimer, Iris Hausar: Dress Codes, and Gabriela Garcia-Luna: Kathgotham Express - to name a few. These exhibits celebrate the talent of various artists while displaying some of their best pieces for our community and visitors to enjoy. You’ll learn about the history, style, and inspirations of popular art pieces and about the life of the artists who created them.


See Yorkton In Lego

One of the more unique and modern displays of art is the Lego replication of historic and current buildings of Yorkton. Created by local LEGO Meister Kelly Litzenberger, this is a fun display featuring thousands of tiny Lego bricks. Lego Yorkton will be on display until August 31st, 2018, although, a membership is required to get into the exhibit. This membership can either be purchased online or at the gallery itself. All ages are welcome to enjoy the talent and imagination of many local and international artists!


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